What goes in must come out! - Chapter 2 Growth Advance Techniques book / Author Chantal Creek

You’ve all heard the saying, “What you hang around is what you become”. This is true in the fact that if you are hanging with people who are depressive, unmotivated, undriven, uninterested, it will let off those same depressive circuits because your brain is identifying with the negative behaviour, leaving you to react exactly the same.

Have you ever watched a concert or footy game on TV? The atmosphere of the crowd seems intense and exciting right? Then come the ads. Boring! Uninspiring and sometimes the ads that come on whether its negative news or weather can strip us of that excited positive feeling straight away.

Now imagine actually taking action and going to the same game or concert. From the time you arrive at the gate everyone is smiling and excited. So many smiles. So much positive vibing that you start to smile. Your heart begins to flutter and excitement kicks in. Half time they give you a free concert and positive entertainment whether it’s some lucky crowd winner trying to score a goal, or getting to meet and greet the entertainer in person…isn’t this scenario a much more exciting one?

So what’s the difference? Same concert. Same footy game. Same crowd. The difference is our sensory circuits are being modified by our surroundings and what environment we are choosingto be in. The brain is equipped with identifying sensations to arouse behaviours and create and compile memories that can last forever. Associating ourselves with just thinking about past positive experiences as the above, can ignite that sense of passion if we make the choice to take action and move out of our comfort zones.

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