Are you a Socio - Economically Disadvantaged Person?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Geographical footprints can determine health and well being outcomes for the population. People living in a rural or remote area that do not have access to health facilities and programs are at greater risk of health issues, we call them the Socio - Economically Disadvantaged people.

Data explained by the National Rural Health and Alliance in 2017 by Mark Diamond states that data has proven that people living in "disadvantaged communities are 60 per cent more likely to live with diabetes, 57 per cent more likely to be obese and two and a half times more likely to smoke than most advantaged".

There is a lack of resources to remote and rural areas increasing the risk for chronic diseases to increase with not enough resources to treat them thus ending in a higher death rate. There is a variety of elements that can contribute to this disadvantage being industrialization in rural areas inhibiting pollution, higher cost of living and jeopardizing long term benefits from the status of a change in industry.

Therefore, the need for social and allied health services in geographically remote and rural areas is needed to help assist and maintain quality of life.

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