Breath Focus Technique

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Lets imagine you are in a traffic jam, its sweltering outside and the air conditioning has busted and its stuffy and hot in the car. The sweat is dripping from your brows and your thighs are sticking to the seat. There's honking and yelling going on outside of the car. It's total and utter chaos. Your late and your anxiety levels are now increasing to the point that you are about to jump out of the car and start a riot....

Now take a deep breath and breath out heavily. Imagine for a minute that you are lying in a field of grass, you take one deep breath, go on do it with me as you are reading this. You feel the touch of the grass blades tickle the edges of your finger tips, with the cool breeze the warm summer sun sets on your face, and your whole body relaxes with each deep breath taken in.....and out..... take note of how your body is feeling and how your mind trails off to complete quiet with only the sound of your breathing. Stay here for a minute. One whole minute. Set a timer if you have to before you read on.

Did the voice in your head as you read the second paragraph begin to soften and speak calmly to you? Did you feel the tension lift from your body and take more notice of your breathing? Pick out the calming words in that paragraph and use them to breath in as you read. When breathing out use the anxious and tension words to breath out. Repeat this for a couple of minutes.

How do you feel? This is called the Breath Focus Techniques. Using words to align your focus with your breathing to inhale positivity and exhale negativity.

Not only have you done your reading quota for today, you have added an exercise to positively enhance your well being and regain control of both body and mind. Enjoy!

- Chantal

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